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Colloid Mill

Features of Colloid Mill:Colloid Mill for Pharmaceutical Veterinary Ayurvedic Industries

  • Round shape colloid mill body, base and top cover made out of CI material having SS cladding in vertical type standard model, suitable for pharmaceutical, veterinary and ayurvedic industries.
  • SS fabricated square body on which machine and motor both are mounted, in vertical type deluxe model.
  • All contact parts are made out of stainless 304 material. (SS 316 optionally)
  • Circular ring shaped, internally conical stator having two different tooths stages.
  • Toothed conical rotor directly coupled with the motor shaft in vertical standard model and coupled with belt in vertical deluxe model.
  • Stator & rotor assembly is balanced and housed in the stainless steel housing.
  • Grinding accuracy of 5 – 10 micron due to the perfectly matched & specially designed conical shaped stator & rotor assembly.
  • Extended bearing housing specially designed to facilitate fine adjustment of bearing clearances of backlash to avoid metal contact of rotor in vertical deluxe model.
  • Special designed adjustment of the grinding gap by an exterior screw by means of two handles even during the operation.
  • Three-way cock system for draining and re circulation of liquids provided as standard, in water-jacketed models.
  • Extra discharge spout provided as a standard for viscous material.

Technical Specifications of Colloid Mill:

Machine Type TPC3V
Model Vertical Vertical Vertical -Dx Vertical -Dx
Output. Ltr/Hr. 145 to 1400 145 to 1400 145 to 1400 145 to 1400
Hopper Capacity (Liters)
20 20 20 20
Motor Type Vertical Flange Mounted
Motor 3 H. P. X 2850 RPM.
3 Ph x 440 V x 50 Hz A. C. Supply
5 H. P. X 2850 RPM.
3 Ph x 440 V x 50 Hz A. C. Supply
3 H. P. X 2850 RPM.
A. C. Supply
5 H. P. X 2850 RPM.
3 Ph x 440 V x 50 Hz A. C. Supply
Motor Coupling
Direct Direct Belt Driven Belt Driven
Height (mm)
1035 1035 1035 1035
Floor space (mm)
450 x 750 450 x 750 365 x 720 365 x 720
Net Wt. (kgs) (Approx)
145 148 160 165
Gross Wt. (kgs)(Approx)
235 238 250 255

* Depending upon the tooling size, shape and material characteristics
  Note: We reserve right to change specifications without any prior notice.

  1. Output is subject to the viscosity and quality of the material.
  2. Colloid Mill is available in standard and GMP models.
  3. Colloid Mill is available with and without water jacketed hopper.
  4. Colloid Mill is also available in flameproof model.
  5. Specification and features of the colloid mill are subject to change, without any prior notice.